Computer Programming Classes at Sts. Simon and Jude Catholic School

Learn To Code Club

Participants will learn the basics of coding using MIT Scratch. Every week they will work on creating or perfecting a game, while understanding essential computer science concepts, developing their logic, problem solving, critical thinking and reasoning skills.
Our curriculum follows CSTA’s Computational Thinking guidelines as it combines problem solving strategies and automation techniques that will enable every student to tremendously develop a number of important life-long thinking skills, such as decomposition of a complex problem into simpler, smaller, easier to solve parts, pattern recognition, generalization and abstraction, data analyzing and representation, and algorithm design.
Not only will they be able to come up with the most effective and efficient solutions for programming problems, but they will be able to transfer and generalize these techniques to all sorts of other disciplines.

Sessions: 8; Fee: $125

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Learn To Code Club - Thursday Group (grades 5 - 8) Feb 1,2018 3:00 pm - Mar 22,2018 4:00 pm