About Us

At Net IT Tech, we focus on high quality computer science classes for children of all ages in Huntington Beach, CA. We are constantly updating our curriculum so every student can thrive through learning, understanding and applying the principals of computer science through problem solving, coding, and robotics. We follow the CSTA core set of learning standards designed to provide the foundation for a complete computer science curriculum and we adapt the pace of the classes so that every child reaches their maximum potential. Also, we follow the Common Core standards, so that teaching builds on and deepens the understanding of different math principles.

We are the only academy in Southern California, Huntington Beach area, that uses a comprehensive model curriculum essential to the development of tomorrow’s technology workers. Our small sized classes are conducive to fostering real understand of concepts and true attention to each student’s individual capabilities. We love to teach, so our students love to learn.


Our goals


  • to prepare our students with the skills needed in their future careers
  • to develop real thinkers
  • to help our students excel in all technical areas
  • to improve logic, problem solving, and abstract thinking in all our students
  • to spread the understanding of computer science as a necessary skills


Why we are offering Computer Science classes in Huntington Beach, CA

Much evidence confirms an urgent need to improve the level of public understanding of computer science, and this is where we come into the scene, shaping and preparing our students for the future.
There is an obvious pressing need to provide computer science competency during early school years in response to the rapid growth of computing and technology in the modern world. Unfortunately, the integration of such concepts in the K-12 curriculum has not happened in the United States.
As a result, not only the students, but their parents as well, might not be as well educated about computer science as they should be, in this age and time. Thus, a serious shortage of technology workers at all levels exists and will surely continue in the foreseeable future.
We want to mend this gap in our children’s education before it is too late. Enquire to find out more!